nose ring marks a slave

Namaste and greetings free and slaves!

slave girl with nose ringWhat does it mean to be marked as a slave? Well first and foremost it distinguishes free persons from enslaved people, as people generally are equal. So it makes sense to mark enslaved persons and to choose a kind of mark, which is seen well and leaves no doubt. Also it is nice, when the mark is not removable, especially by the slave. Finally it is also sense of marking that the slave girl is marked forever, so everyone could see she is or at least was a slave. Beside the collar and brand, there is another kind of marking, especially found in India: the centre nose ring or septum ring!


If a woman is wearing a nose ring (center/septum), it is very clear she is a dasi (female slave in India). These days in

western cultures, the nose ring, even the centre one, is very common and trendy and most of people who wear a nose ring are not slaves at all. Also the collar is seen on many necks and it doesn’t say anything about the status of the person, who’s wearing it. Even a brand is made to adorn people’s skin and it wouldn’t signify that person is a slave. But maybe the combination of more kinds of markings plus the aura of a slave still is a certain sign, that she is a true slave?

Even I am not yet pierced and wearing a nose ring, my Master already did announce, that he would pierce me with a nose ring, when another slave is collared. We will be pierced and marked together with such nose ring, which will bind the two of us slaves together very close. Just to experience how it would feel, I was allowed to clamp a small ring at my nose and to wear it the whole morning. My Master nodded satisfied and agreeing and I felt, that this little thing was showing me off very impressively, what I am: La kajira!

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A native of Swabia, grew up in Bergisch Land (Germany), Study in Cologne. After their surrender in 2005 she followed her master over the Netherlands in the Caribbean.

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